TradingDutch — Stress Free Trading Route 4

We help you structure you trading and get you the plan you need!

Advanced Package

How we help you at TradingDutch

All guidance is tailor-made!

You will receive everything you need to become successful, and make thorough, winning analyzes and grow your wealth.

We have all the steps to achieve this result ready for you and you will learn EXACTLY the methods that Fabian Leferink uses himself and has successfully transferred to his students.

In the deep dive we discuss exactly what you need to structure your trading process to get your trading to the next level.

Here are some examples of the results we can deliver:

  • Position Risk
  • Risk relative to the current market
  • Risk relative to your current trades
  • Risk in relation to your trading portfolio

Why you want me as a mentor:

TradingDutch Learning Portal

  • 24/7 access
  • Everything about learning in one place
  • Your courses (extra personal trainings)
  • Overview of your progress
  • The place to upload your homework
  • Follow the activities of fellow students
  • The agenda and links to the live Zoom sessions
  • Review the recordings of live sessions
  • Contact with fellow students
  • Contact with Fabian Leferink
  • Personal profile
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Direct line via Whatsapp

  • ’24/7′ access to this service during the mentoring period
  • Quick personal contact with your mentor
  • Personal feedback and answers to your questions
  • Help to keep you focussed and on track
  • Personal messages
  • Easily make appointments with your mentor
  • Etc..

Personal feedback via Loom

  • Access to this service during the mentoring period
  • Clear feedback based on examples in a video
  • Extra lessons when necessary through a video
  • Technical analyses
  • Motivational messages just for you
  • Etc..

Zoom - personal sessions

  • Access to this service during the mentoring period
  • Screen sharing (both your mentor and yourself)
  • Feedback on homework
  • Make technical analyses together
  • Present your own technical analysis
  • Etc..