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In 10 weeks I will teach you how to trade!

My name is Fabian Leferink

I am a crypto trader & trading mentor and owner of TradingDutch.

In 10 weeks I teach you to trade independently, safely and consistently, if not I will work with you until you do


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Education is key!

Fabian Leferink Professional

What do students say in the group?​

Top trading mentor

Your results are not what they could be because you have not received the proper education yet!

How we help you at TradingDutch

All guidance is tailor-made!

You will receive everything you need to become successful, find the right crypto coins independently, make thorough, winning analyzes and grow your wealth.

We have all the steps to achieve this result ready for you and you will learn EXACTLY the methods that Fabian Leferink uses himself and has successfully transferred to his students (see print screen above and achieved results at the bottom of this page).

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After following the TradingDutch program Stress Free Trading:

  • Position Risk
  • Risk relative to the current market
  • Risk relative to your current trades
  • Risk in relation to your trading portfolio

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Why you want me as a mentor?

Now you have to make a decision!

Will you keep doing what you did or will we work together?

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What did the students think of TradingDutch?

I am a beginner..

That doesn’t matter at all! Many participants in the Masterclass Stress Free trading are absolute beginners!

It is important that you have made the decision to really learn trading and build serious wealth with it.

Boost your confidence and increase your percentage of winning trades by 50% - 100% in just 10 weeks!

Learn from previous students & hear what they say about the TradingDutch lessons

“Meets exactly what I expected with regard to the title: Without stress but with substance.”
Huub C.
“Super educational, the necessary aspects that I needed to take the next step in Trading.”
Hein Delaere
“The explanation given is accurate and sincere. No false promises or crazy stories with astronomical amounts, but the usual straightforward, straightforward explanation as it should be.”
Francis V.
“Super explanation, I learned a lot!! It was the clearest explanation I've ever had.”
Eva Loculano
“Clear explanations in this difficult subject matter as a beginner.”
Linda De Crée
"Best Basic Crypto Seminar I've Ever Seen"
Igor De Neef

Results of beginners after guidance from Fabian Leferink

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FET Target 14,50%

SOL Target 29,96%

AVAX Target 10,03%

SNX Target 30%

RNDR Target 69,70%

GALA Target 20,96%

Yes, I'm excited and I want to learn everything about stress free trading!