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Fabian Leferink, Your Crypto & Personal Trading Coach

Started trading in 2014 and shifted to cryptocurrency in 2016. Earned money, spent money, lost money. I did it all. My fascination for the candlestick charts is very big and I am a passionate teacher. I developed my own system of trading cryptocurrency based on the technical analysis. A system that has a deeply understanding of how the technical analysis works with the use of only a few indicators, but in a way the indicators are meant to be used. No nonsense, just plain and professional analysis. It is so nice to see when my students started to see the area of value in their analysis and their shift into consistent profitable traders. That makes me proud.

Fabian Leferink's experience

Fabian has always taught because of his passion for trading. First to family and friends, but soon to people who came to Fabian through word of mouth. Teaching and communicating the material clearly is in Fabian’s blood.

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