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TradingDutch is bringing the knowledge to you. Study anytime, anywhere with our trading videos, templates and examples tailored to your trading level. Everything you need to reach your personal trading goal in our 3-month mentoring program

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Personal coaching

Fabian personally guides you step-by-step during the whole program

Continuous Access

To the learning portal where you can ask all your questions 24/7

Easy Learning

The complex training process divided into manageable chunks

Live Sessions

Weekly live 1,5 hour Q&A sessions

chat groups

Chat with fellow students and share techical analysis

personalized lessons

New video lessons or live Zoom calls when needed

How it works is so simple

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Your Goals and Blockages

In the call you get a clear image of your 6-month goal and your next step

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You can be a part of the program and are welcomed to the trading family

Clear videos for every single step

From every step you need to take to come to a complete and professional trade we record an educational video. From the tools and applications we use to the full technical analysis. From the administration to entries -> trade management -> and exits. And, if something is not clear, we make a video or plan a live Zoom call. Just for you


Amazing Results

“I've only just started with the stress-free trading masterclass, but the technical analysis is already so clear. I've never had it explained so clearly!“
Linda G..
“I really like the learning portal. It's intuitive and when I ask questions they are usually answered immediately. Fabian is a very good mentor who explains the trading and technical analysis very clearly. Because of this I now really understand how it works.“
Patrick C.
“I have followed several video training courses on trading and tried to do it myself. But that's almost impossible for me. Coaching in combination with the videos really helps and I learn it so much faster. A waste of the costs I incurred earlier.“
Henk vd A.

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